Recommend a place to chill out on weekend.


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Hi everyone, I live in the east bay but drive in sf. Don't really know places to go and have a good time on weekends any recommendations? I'm always worrying about my car what if i go and the car gets jacked or towed. Thanks


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Perhaps take a bart. And uber on the way back.
Probably total investment of 30 bucks if you alone.

Fun places are on polk st...
11th and Folsom...clubs
Mission and Valencia st.
Lots of people there.

If you looking for more chill places.
9th and irving
Or basically in sunset or richmond areas.


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There is "Off the Grid" at Fort Mason on (some?) Fridays. My favorite is the Korean fusion food truck (I'm not sure what it's called, but they make their own toasted buns).

"Off the Grid" at the Fort Mason is nice, but you'll probably prefer "Off the Grid" at the Presidio on (some?) Saturdays. They have about a dozen fire pits for customers to huddle around (with wind breaker tents). The attendance at Presidio is very low (compared to Fort Mason). Your cell reception may not work at all, so do not rely on an Uber/Lyft to get yourself back. Bring blankets for the cold if you go there for the sunset, or at night.

Obviously, park your car within seeing distance if you don't want it broken into. Since the "Off the Grid" at the Presidio is not crowded, finding such a parking space is fairly easy to do.