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Rear ended with a passenger

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Benjamin M, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Benjamin M

    Benjamin M

    Cleaned the camera yesterday, still looks awful. Almost like it's out of focus. I may have the dealer take a look.

    Very disappointed with the Apps / Downloads being incomplete features with no instructions or documentation. I found a post in a forum that there was a repair notice sent out stating that the feature may never be fully implemented - which begs the question, why is it there?

    The system runs on Android, so theoretically it's possible to install Android apps and widgets. But doing so could possibly brick the system.
  2. AnointedOne



    So I got rear ended on the freeway by someone 3 weeks ago who dragged me into the vehicle ahead of me , they must have been messing around with their phone and doing 70 mph. I had passengers in the back. No camera, my brand new vehicle only had a few thousand miles on it was totaled and been right off by uber's insurance. Luckily no one was injured but it was a hit and run. Passengers confirmed to uber that it was not my fault.

    I only do uber on the weekends as I have a full time job, but its been a nightmare going through the claim process. Lesson learned will be getting a top of the range front and back cam professionally installed if i get a brand new vehicle.

    Good luck with your new Civic and be safe out there.
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  3. Sorry for going through all these. Did you present the police officers your insurance or the Uber insurance? Very likely your insurance is going to drop you from their protection.

    Best wishes to go back to the road.
  4. LyftNewbie10


    Why?(!) He wasn't at fault(!) Can I call you Jessie?

    Sorry about what happened, Benjamin. Glad you are up and running and no one was hurt. Hopefully the a__hole who caused this was profusely apologetic and making restitution for your misery?
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  5. Benjamin M

    Benjamin M

    Actually I don't believe I provided either as the other driver was clearly at fault. And no worries about insurance here! I am smart & honest, have rideshare gap insurance on my policy. The collision occurred during Phase III so it would have been under Uber if I needed to make a claim.

    I did speak with Uber's insurance provider and followed up with my own agent, all is well.

    I was hit by a very nice lady, we didn't talk very much because I was dealing with 911, my pax, Uber, and law enforcement. She was driving a newer CRV, likely also a write off. Just sucked for all of us, that's why they're called accidents. I believe she received at least one citation.

    Her husband, on the other hand, was a dick (showed up on scene). He refused the free tow that the city provides (they contract to avoid competition) because he just had to pay for his own - even though the truck was there in minutes and the crew was super nice. Then he walked over to take pictures of my car from all angles, not even acknowledging me when I said "hi."

    It's all good. Enjoying my new ride and getting better tips because of it. And everyone has buckled up when asked nicely. :)

    Wow, that sucks! You definitely win! Glad to hear that nobody was injured. This is the camera that I am considering upgrading to - Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam Built-in GPS in Car Dashboard Camera Crosstour 1080P Front and 720P Inside with Parking Monitoring, Infrared Night Vision, Sony Sensor, Motion Detection, G-Sensor and WDR https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FY4FNB6/?tag=ubne0c-20

    Here's my new ride, including scratches and scuff marks that I discovered. Fine scratches bumper to bumper and a few significant ones, odometer was also at 340 miles (did not notice until after finishing the paperwork). Politely brought this to the dealership's attention, hoping for a stress free resolution. All in all, the car is fantastic!

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  6. Gtown Driver

    Gtown Driver

    Washington DC
    Those new Civics look nice. They're like a smaller, sportier Accord.

    Loving my grey 2017 Titanium Fusion so hopefully I only have to do rideshare for another month or so before I get another job. The vehicle is new and nice enough that I'd rather not do fulltime wear and tear with rideshare on it too much longer. Having another job means safer and easier to pick days to drive it during the winter and less chance of being out with the crazies that want to rear end total it.
  7. Did you sign up for the Aon insurance for Uber?

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