Realistically what do you think the affect of the 08-May-2019 strike will be?


I've heard about from the news at least twice in the past few days about Uber drivers going on strike and not driving tomorrow in protest of low wages and no benefits....

Is there any truth to this? Do Uber drivers really think the corporate machine of uber will really give a s#$t if people don't go online tomorrow?

Seems like a fuitile attempt to change policies of a company that clearly has a NFG approach to its independent contractors.



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I agree we will never know if it had an impact, that is unless the media picks up on stories of people stranded because of no drivers.

Will it make a difference to Uber if drivers strike? Never know unless you give it a try.

Wonder if Uber will squash Surge pricing for PAX if there are not enough drivers?


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Yeah there's a fair number of strike threads going now. To me I think it's less about the one day impact of fares and more about long term damage to shareholder confidence. Shareholders would like to see less money spent getting new drivers so they'll need to retain old ones. Having the old ones on strike and whipping up the media shakes confidence. So I'd say before you go fishing, put up a strike tweet or FB post or other media of your choice on one of Uber's accounts, and then send a link to that to the news outlet of your choice.

Afterwards send another with your catch of the day.


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Good luck with the strike. My Uber app stays off, just like it has for the most part of the last several weeks. Been exclusively Lyfting during that time.


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LinkedIn's email and FB blast today had a link to an article on Forbes about the strike.

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I'll bet any amount of money that we'll never know if it had an impact.

Doesn't matter ... people's memory is so short.
What were we talking about?
It might have an impact if most drivers actually strike. But here is the problem, uber will not change, because they can't. They cannot keep losing billions and billions and billions. They are at gridlock. This ship is sinking and kind of protest, strike, 180 days of change, replace CEO.. it is not going to make difference. if you are fulltime driver Just get out get out ASAP.. hopefully you have saved up some money.. never buy new car.. EVER because this ship will sink and you will be stuck with the payment or have to deal with bankruptcy


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"We want a $1.50 mile."

"9 cents more than standard deduction is insulting."

"This gig is costing me money."

"Show your appreciation by raising our rates."

Please feel free to continue.

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I thought it was an Uber AND Lyft strike? If it's only one, WTH are you all thinking? Does Lyft treat/pay THAT much better the Fubar?

For the person who is only going to do Lyft then? If they're that much better, just use Lyft.

IMHO- Lyft and the AVERAGE lyft rider sucks. Not all, but many in my market. Just saying.
Why would you choose one over the other then the strike, not strike?