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Realistic Cost of Gas per week

Discussion in 'Manila, Ph' started by jarod001, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to ask how much is the cost of gas per week? I hope to get a realistic answer please.

  2. I spend about $100.00 a week in south Louisiana .gas is $;1.369 a gallon before 6 cent a gallon Uber card discount. I work 50-60hours a week. I park during slow times.
    I do nearly triple the weekly trips of top average drivers with over double their miles.
  3. When I was driving part time. I used about $20 a week since my car gets great fuel economy.
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  4. Hogster


    Very stupid question isn't it?

    Depends on car's fuel economy, miles driven, style of driving, traffic conditions etc etc
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  5. bobby747


    well i been to manila . cost of fuel per liter is still high. i cannot answer what cost will be...but in a poor country but rich area makiki,, i would do uber as thats all i took thier alot of rides were 200p about $4 thats not 2 bad. also some were 700p you guys surge alot thier. cheaper to do black sometimes....compare what factory worker make..i think its good. just own your own honda city...or toyota..pi gov. is corrupt..more forign pax
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  6. michael del rosario

    michael del rosario

    manila, philippines
    black: 2013 camry 2.0. 300km per full tank (55liters). average of 100km per day. 3 days need to full tank
    x: 2016 almera 1.1. 350km per full tank. i only use x pag coding si camry.

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