RDU Female newbie wanna be looking for advice


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Hey guys,

Trying to do a little homework before signing up with Uber. Just started learning all about it and can barely understand your conversation as I have no idea what you all are talking about, but I'm learning.

Are their any ladies in the RDU area with good or bad experiences to share? Wondering if it is a good and or safe idea for woman.

Any suggestions or input is welcome. I just lost my job and need to start making money, like yesterday.

Thanks everyone.


There's a user on here who is a woman with a lot of experience in this market but I cannot remember her name for the life of me.. If any event you may want to check out a similar thread https://uberpeople.net/threads/what-do-you-recommend-for-a-young-female-driver.65886/ for this market while waiting on others to chime in.

I'd advise you to search HARD for a regular job in addition to whatever you do. The harder you Uber the more you're trading in the value of your car for cash. It'll hurt you worse in the long-term if you aren't careful. But if you're in a bind gotta do what you gotta do.

I also don't know if you're receiving unemployment and if tax time next year that will be a problem (getting Uber income, while getting unemployment). Good luck.


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I've been driving in the area since September. I drive pretty much full-time during the late afternoon to early morning hours. I've given nearly 700 rides with uber & 800 rides with lyft. I just started driving uber select.

I much prefer lyft. I am really liking select. I am glad I don't drive xl, I think you get the rowdiest behavior in larger groups. Driving uberX makes me irritable - even on a high surge, so I won't do it anymore.

I find it very safe and honestly have not had a situation that's made me feel unsafe. I get hit on plenty, (the low light in the car at night is very flattering - it makes me look younger and guys are drunk) but not in problematic ways. It takes some skill and charm to be friendly & even a little flirty but still keep good boundaries and not make those guys feel rejected when I turn them down. If you've ever waited tables, it is a very similar set of skills.

I do get good tips with lyft because I'm friendly and charming. It isn't easy at times - small talk with folks that don't speak English well is especially hard for me (I don't have the best hearing) and is hard to keep up passenger after passenger - but this is a customer service job. I don't get tips on uber except rare occasions - though perhaps select will be different (so far in two nights it hasn't).

It isn't easy to make this profitable - and it's harder for new drivers at 25% commission. You need to work really hard to minimize your dead miles (miles with no pax) and make sure your rides are profitable.

I suggest that you figure out your costs per mile of driving your vehicle before you even begin. You need to consider depreciation & the higher wear and tear which means more maintenance/repair.

Treat this as a real business from the start and do the work of analysis your expenses vs earnings to calculate your profits regularly. You'll need to track all your mileage and keep good records. This is the only way to know if you are actually making a profit or just experiencing cash flow.


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After you know your costs vs earnings, you really need to know your area. You need to know where the popular spots are, what events are happening where and the college schedules. Pay attention to the movement of people. People use uber/lyft for going out & partying, but they also go back & forth to work, to the airport/bus/train & the RTP is full of folks who don't have transportation.

Understanding the movement of people helps you know good places to hang out for pings.

You'll also need to know the area enough to recommend places to go to people. Good places to eat, go out, sights to see.


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Thank you for all of that. Still trying to figure out what to do. I have a small store front in wake Forest that I am trying to keep, so there is a lot to balance and figure out.
Thanks again!!!!