RDU Airport Woes

I decided to drop by the airport last night and check it out after the surges died down about 9pm. About a 20 minute wait even though there were 24 cars in the staging area. My issue is whether anyones making any money at RDU. My last five rides from RDU have been all within a 6 mile radius. I'm an XL and I'm not used to getting paid for X rides and that sucks also. Thinking you guys can have it out there.


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Since it's summer and and I can't do my usual thing I've played the airport game quite a few times.
My app doesn't show waiting time for XL and Select so I just count how many of each are in the lot. If there is a short supply of either and a flight is about to arrive then I'll wait on it. Many times I'll get out ahead of the X's. But it's definitely not something that I would dedicate myself to.

Respect The Beard

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I have dropped off at the airport but have never picked up or had a desire to.I see the timer when I'm close and start laughing while driving past to pick up my passengers else where.

Disgusted Driver

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It seems that every time I go to the airport I get screwed. I drove a select pax there this weekend, wait was short so I figured what the heck, I'll get something going back to Raleigh, better than nothing. Of course the pax was going to Durham so now I'm twice as far away from where I want to be and got pennies for the second leg. Oh well, that will teach me.


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I've gotten about 3 decent RDU fares...2 were when it was snowing, the third was when I was dropping off someone near Page Rd. and got a ping from Terminal 2, Zone 17. No, I was not in the airport waiting area.

On multiple occasions, I have gotten pings for Brier Creek/Angus Barn while waiting in queue at the airport.

I get the obnoxious text message "head to RDU staging area now! There are only 5 cars in the queue." I fell for it once. Spent about 30 minutes at RDU and nada. Two times, I got the message while I was on trip from Durham to Raleigh. "Hey, y'all wanna stop at the airport and pick up some more people?"

Bill Wirth

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Yeah I get the wait for a half hour and then take someone a couple miles to morrisville. And I so want to say thanks for the 4 dollars and no tip. And they think that they are doing you a favor! No thanks!