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I'm sure this has been discussed many times, but can someone help me understand the ratings?
I show a 'star' with a 5.0 next to my name on the web and when I log in on the app. But when I look over the last 30 days, I have 21 trips with a 4.6. I did 7 trips today and have below a 4.0. I have no idea who wasn't happy...all the rides seemed to go well.

Why is there a 5.0 next to me and what's up with the lower rating in one day when all trips were good. People were nice. The conversation was good. Only problem was on PAX didn't have her location plugged in when I picked her up so she had to give me verbal directions. She said she plugged it in but she could see on my phone it wasn't here...not my fault! But I wasn't lost...she just had to tell a few turns.


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I've been giving my PAS 5 start ratings. They've been nice and cordial. Even the drunk wife got a 5 star because her husband was sober and it was under his name. Not anymore. Unless they tip, no one is getting a 5 from me.
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