Ratings dropped!


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I've had a 4.95 for the past couple of weeks with 1700 trips. But in just 3 days its dropped to a 4.93 . I've been doing everything the same. So I wonder if it has to do with the new passenger app update.


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Why worry about it,it's not like it pays more anyways.
I'll tell you why and it's the dumbest reason but I think it's true. Because it's the only positive feedback we ever get. No tips, crappy pay, barely even a thank you for baggage handling, take me to the drive thru, etc. The only positive feedback we ever get are those goddam useless free stars. So it's not much but it still makes you mad when you don't get one of them

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My theory is that if you do, say 20 trips in a night and none of them actually rate you that night, your rating will drop because it has to do with the percentage of trips/ratings. The next time they go into their app and rate you 5 stars, it will go back up.


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I tell the people who are cool that I am going to give them 5 stars. They automatically say they will give me 5 stars. This makes it more likely that they will. It makes it more likely that the person who wouldn't rate at all will rate now because they know I will rate them with 5.
This keeps my rating above a 4.9 and makes it so that I have no problem saying NO to the pushy arrogant &&)holes who think they can eat in my car or go through a drive through or have me wait for them to do whatever they need to do along the way. Go ahead and rate me 1 star you @&$hole because I have enough verbally committed 5 stars that I could give a &@$) what you think or what you rate.

It's a game and most pax are really cool people.


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I've been seeing the same trend. I was at a 4.94 for months and months. As of two weeks ago it has steadily dropped to 4.90 and have been driving the same as well. I also have 1800+ rides. I feel like pax are getting used to getting picked up in a brand new Mercedes as an uberx since all these guys aren't making money on uberlux and feel like they're getting ripped off when a Prius or civic picks them up.

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Mine dropped last week in a few days from 4.86 to 4.79.
I started observing it very close.
Now went down again to 4.78
I started counting my past 28 rides all but one were 5* still went down.
Yesterday i did a "rider no show" no choice. Waited 8 minutes.
I dont want to talk monscence here but could be that every time you cancel a ride as a " pax no show", colect the $4. later customer complains,Uber pushes ur ratings down.


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I understand what the op is asking, I don't drive on Mondays or Tuesdays, so after not driving since Sunday, I updated the app on Wednesday and my rating dropped a point before I even took a trip. And yes I checked it each day. It actually dropped 2 points and has since climbed back up 1 with only about 12 rides this week.


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My rating has fallen with the rates and timeouts.

Seeing I can no longer drive at base rates I wait/look for surges, sometimes big ones. This revolves around driving drunks that can't walk let alone push stars, combine this with the pissed off sober ones paying triple and my rating goes down.

Timeouts: Used to pass on low rated PAX below 4.7, now cannot do this as much if I'm sitting on 2 skips already so I have to pick up some shit riders here as well. Combine it with #1 and you can really get trashed on occassion.

Uber should protect us, throw out the highest and lowest rating weekly