Rating System.....


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Is it me, or does this rating system suck donkey 'nads? I get people @@@@@ing because there's salt residue on the side of the car (black car) in the middle of winter. I get people @@@@@ing my car smells, from the 5 SUNY girls perfume, or the one dude with "panther" aftershave, that happened to be a rider before them. My point? Uber Inc lets this be an issue! I'm not washing my car everyday in subfreezing weather, because the same salt residue that is on everyone elses car, is on mine. And, why with the stink of them, need we tolerate!?!? We don't have that option! Riders need to be rude, make us feel unsafe, or damage our property. But, they get to put drivers jobs at risk for some highway spray or the scent of your last rider?