Rating BS


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dont worry about the occasional idiot not being smart enough to figure out how to properly use the rating system. But, if you start getting a lot of these 'idiots' rating you low, you many need to take a look inward..


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I wish I could see which ride gave me 2star. I believe people have a BS why to rate. They have no idea we can lose the right to driver
They DONT care !

Was your chauffers uniform pressed ?
White gloves spotless ?
Was the Perrier chilled ?

Did you run while carrying their Wal Mart bags to and from the car ?


Yeah, that's why I feel that ratings should have less impact. 5-star default ratings right after a ride makes sense because the people that have a good ride don't usually even feel the need to leave a 5-star unless it was an exceptional ride and they actualyl WANT to give you praise for the good time.