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Rates Drop in Hartford County CT


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Thank you for writing in. We have adjusted prices in Hartford County by 20% beginning August 18.

We have been doing research over the past few months and noticed that Fairfield County and New Haven County were performing better in every category (trips per hour, $ per hour, utilization) than partners in Hartford County. On average drivers in the other counties were in a much better place than you were and our job is to make sure that you are as busy as possible - making as much as possible.

We are very confident this will benefit our partners. Last time we cut prices we saw trips increase by 20% within 2 weeks, 60% within 4 weeks, and 100% within 7 weeks. The increase in trips keeps our partners utilized at a much higher level than they were before. The increasing earnings due to more time spent on trips more than cover any additional cost of doing more trips.

We thought it was crazy that partners in Hartford would be earning less per trip and taking fewer trips per hour and that’s what we’re here to change.




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Well yes, that's exactly what they will be doing.
Yup... They actually called me to tell me whats going on. I explained the math but they think its going to work. I told them.. why would a driver drive for $1.20 per mile if they can drive 15 minutes south to make $1.50? Your going to starve the north and glut the south. CT was a good market.. oh well.

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This is where Uber's Rocket Science fails. They can provide you with every person up and down I-91 between Greenfield, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut, but you can carry only so many of them in one hour. (in fact, if you can get from Greenfield to New Haven in one hour, it must be 0300 and there are no Mass or Conn Staters out there that night-----or the County Mounties and Local Yokels, either).

When I signed on to UberX in June, 2014, if the pings did not come fast and furious, at least they came steadily. Since June, 2014, Uber has slashed fares twenty-two per-cent in this area. The pings are still coming at least steadily. Thus, I am carrying the same number of UberX passengers in one hour to-day, that I was carrying in June, 2014. The only difference is that my bottom line is now twenty-two per-cent less than it was in January, 2014..........and I do better than the average UberX driver because I know my streets and traffic patterns............ thirty-two years of hacking, even if it always has been part-time, will teach you that....................

......and people, even Uber's employees, wonder why I do UberX only enough to stay in the game...........