Raquel Quit.


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Alot of us are new to the forums. So alot of the Sacto drivers are new too. Wasnt disrespect by posting in the Sacto forums.
Thanks for not knowing the reason why ass hat

Sacto Burbs

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Bison put her on the top of the list making her an interesting topic. Bison to blame for bison being be-miffed.

Nothing rude, unkind or inappropriate was posted about Raquel. This is the second post on the Sacramento sub forum where bison is wagging his ... Finger?

naughty bison..

Casuale Haberdasher should think twice, and shake hairy head several times before taking umbrage.

Raquel was a Sacto driver, she was one of us. We are proud of her.
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I, for one, would never have come across her writing had it not appeared as a "recent" posting in the Cities subforum.
So thank you for posting it here, where it no doubt belongs.

And much respect for the vigilence of everyone in this forum for fostering positivity and inclusivity. it's certainly is a counterweight to the nastiness that appears in my city's forum, where the revolving door of new posters speaks to the abusiveness of Negative Nancy's on the board (one of which I see you've had recent run-ins with).

UberPeople certainly could benefit from less scolding.