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Jay Dean

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This is a random thread about anything

After 40 years of hearing ‘from Texas’ or Texas family it was all just a sales pitch. Never believe anything you hear, it’s all just a way to get your money. Lol I am not going this direction with the thread (it’s about anything random), but was on my mind after 40 years of hearing BS, so random post away :smiles:

Launchpad McQuack

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One of Rohit's favorite words, escalate (a verb meaning to raise to a higher level, either literally or figuratively) was first used in the 1940s. It comes from taking the word escalator (a motorized staircase) and dropping the "or" to make a verb out of it. Kind of the opposite of what most people, myself included, would think. You would think that the word "escalate" already existed and that is why they named the motorized stairway an escalator.....because it raises people to a higher level. It is actually the opposite. The word "escalator" was made up by a company that made motorized stairways as a brand name for their product. The branding was so successful that "escalator" became a generic term for all motorized stairways (similar to kleenex, scotch tape, white out, q-tips, vasoline, etc.). It was so commonly used, that people started using the word "escalate" when referring to the act of lifting something to a higher level. Then in the 1950s, a court genericized the word "escalator" by ruling that it was a universally recognized word for a motorized stairway and would no longer be granted trademark protection. This allowed any company that sold motorized stairways and call their product an escalator.


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Has anyone ever heard the phrase, “drunker than Cooter Brown”?

Cooter Brown lived near the Mason-Dixon Line during the Civil War. He didn’t want to have to choose a side to fight for as he had family on both sides so he decided to get drunk - and stay drunk - the duration of the war so he couldn’t be drafted by either side.


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Ok, here's a random thought.

Airline fares are lower than they were 40 years ago.

A ticket from LAX to Guadalajara MX in/about 1979, was around 350 dllrs. You can now purchase a ticket for as little as 160 bux round trip.

160 bux in todays dollars. Which actually makes it even cheaper.
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350 bux in 1979 is equal to 1298.84 today.


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This would be the perfect opportunity to go off on a meaningless rant! A good rant uses capitalized letters such as GO PISS OFF I HATE UBER AND LYFTY SUCKS!!!!!!!!! (also note the use of many exclamation points). Now for a really good meaningless rant........oh wait they are already in a ton of threads and this is supposed to be different. Ok.....nevermind.


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That’s definitely random. Should have @The Entomologist weigh in with his assessment.
Lol. Yea it's funny because I was out trimming branches from my Guayaba trees and I noticed a bunch of lady bugs on the branches.

I had to be careful and shake the ladybugs back off on to the tree so I didn't throw them away with the branches (ladybugs are beneficial insects, some people actually buy them).

I noticed there seemed to be more than normal, then later as I was reading the news i saw an article on the ladybug swarm.


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I have three trees with white ones that fruits guayabas that are big as apples, some a little bigger.

And three more pinks.

I also have nectarines, avocados, two types of tangerines, figs, grapes, cactus and a good sized key lime tree. Ohh yea and a Guamuchil tree.
From Michoacan?