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Raleigh Uber Driver suing Uber

I'm aware of this issue and do my best to flip it around on Uber.

Our pay is calculated on the actual mileage and time of the trip, instead of Uber's estimates (which is how the pax are charged). So, I take slightly longer routes whenever possible.

Pax don't ever care because they aren't charged any extra and I never go more than 2-4 extra minutes out of the way. The difference adding a couple of miles makes is really noticeable on higher surge rides.


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Just checked my 14 fares from Feb 19 (last day I drove). On 4 of the 14 fares, Uber took 28% from fare, not 25%. So I'm requesting refunds totally over $1. If it's just a calculation error (which I'm sure they will claim) why is it always 3% and why are they always in Uber's favor, never in mine?

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Not to defend uber but there might have been a period of time where they were charging select 20% instead of 28%. Bottom line is that they do a crappy job of managing technology for a technology company.