Raise your voice to Support Philadelphia Schools and Transportation Industry


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The only part of this I could possibly agree with is a limit on the number of drivers. The rest is onerous regulation to protect your livery industry. A limit on number of hours logged would have also been a good point to make. Truck and cab drivers have limits on the hours they can work, why not Uber and Lyft?

Good luck with your fight. I think the war is over. You lost.

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So you think TNC should charge drivers 25% fee but not help Philadelphia schools. I guess you don't care about your kids future. TNC will make 2.5 billion in a decade from Philadelphian's but they shouldn't give something back?
We do care about schools. We do want good school system for Philadelphian kids. These kids will be future of the country and we do want bright future for the country.
I don't even want to explain other points to you because your brain is locked.
One last and most important thing for you;

Wake Up from Slavery


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The only issue I have with the bill is that I would rather see the fees go towards improving roads instead of a bulk of it going to the schools. Real estate taxes usually go toward funding schools. Maybe instead of 2/3 going toward schools maybe 10% if you still want some going there. The majority should be to improve the infrastructure of the roadways which can be miserable in many areas. Vehicles should be inspected regularly along with drivers reviewed and have medical records up to date. How many drivers out there may be having a bad day and get behind the wheel and work 20 hours. Need to curb some of the things that are not self policed.