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Rainy day good for drivers


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1)any driver that accepts a pool ping on a busy day is a complete idiot, I ignored all my pool pings, and one I confirmed got an X, I saw pool 6 minutes away 123 abc street and then a minute late same address and now he wants an X....obviously no one took it....lol....

I got a few surge rides for a change but still surges are hard to locate......tried going offline and then entering the surge area and then once inside toward the center I go online only to watch the surge disappear and or move away....crooks at Uber

also, pax consistency quote higher estimates than my fare, example pax said uber quoted $14..... ride completed I go $8.... this happens often....


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I might be wrong but unless you are in a arena, or somewhere there is a lot of people you know for sure are 0rdering ubers at the same time, I think turning off the app is a bad idea. I have read about this strategy but the fact is too many people will be online anyway for this to work. Waiting to go online till you get to the middle is basically giving yourself zero chances on getting anything with a surge. Even if you left the app on, if you are driving towards the surge, you still might not get a ride.

I just gave up tonight after going 4 hours with zero lux pings. The scary part is I usually would ignore about 25 to 40 x pings in that time, but I wasn't even hardly getting any x pings either. The weather really killed business tonight.


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What is a good day for you??? $50, $100 and at a $100 I'm being generous. Please tell me what's a good day in uber because at $4.00 per ride I'll be lucky to crack $100 in 10 hours before any expenses