Raiders Fans Brawl Over An Uber Lol!


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NFL games are hell and I don’t know why anyone would want to attend, but it’s even worse when you’re not safe even after it’s over. From Sunday’s win over the Jets, here’s a brawl near the Coliseum BART station, which the video uploader says started as a dispute over whose Uber ride had just pulled up.

For that extra flavor you can only get from Raiders fans, watch around the 35-second mark, when a person dressed as a wizard or a viking or maybe Rita Repulsa strides in and starts hitting people with a cane.
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I know the surge for games are good but the resulting traffic nightmare from picking up at the coliseum isn't worth it.


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lol @@@@ing losers. i screen extremely hard when working a sportsball game and avoid the actual stadiums. only rides from nearby.

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Their Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques are horrible. Always use your legs to pull your opponents lower half away from you when you engage them in a front choke hold.
And what the hell is that Jester trying to do? Staff her way into mediation? When the police arrive I can hear someone saying "they messed up that Uber car". Raider fans are the worst. Watch the crime rate skyrocket in Vegas when the Raiders move there in 2019.