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Quick question


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Anyway we can see rider rating?
And if not y is ot for? Wouldn't it be more safe for us drivers to be able to know what other drivers thought about that person?


No we cant see rider rating in chicago I wish we could, I have no idea why we can't I pick up people from the airport who tell us uber drivers in their market can see it. You can see it on lyft though


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It is widely believed that pax ratings can not be seen on Uber's app in Chicago as part of an agreement to get approval to operate in the market and placate an Alderman who claimed the ratings would be used to discriminate against riders. There was a belief that ratings would create a "blacklist" system that would promote driver discrimination against riders based on race and even their destinations as well as behavior. This is an old report on ABC7 about the issue: http://abc7chicago.com/traffic/uber-blacklist-how-naughty-passengers-can-be-banned/731567/
Until recently, pax couldn't see their own rating although this past spring, they added that to pax home screen in hopes that would improve pax behavior. Lyft never made the same agreement but was still able to get approved to operate here so we can see pax ratings on Lyft.


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This is why i like lyft because i can see the rating and cherry pick just like passengers cherry pick if the driver has a bad rating.