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Queue counter issue

Discussion in 'Technology' started by mikes424, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. mikes424


    I posted this on the Chicago site but posting here also. I feel the tech people might have an answere.

    This is the second time in 2 weeks it has happened to me and once before a few months back.

    I am in the queue, counter is going down. Then the counter freezes. I see cars leaving the pit but my number doesn't change.

    The only way I have found to get the counter moving again is to go offline and then back on. However, when I do that I lose my place in line.

    Anyone else have that problem and what can be done?



    I usually toggle between Expenses and other Windows and apps and back and it refreshes. Refresh the screen by pulling down on the app (if it is Android).
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  3. Adieu


    Uber allows XL and Select to jump into X ahead of the line, and Select/XL to jump into XL ahead of the line

    Lyft uses shared queue numbers for all, so a normal LyftOriginal driver will rarely EVER see a queue position lower than 15 to 30 depending on how busy the queue is and how many premium classes (Premier, Lux, SUV) exist in your service area
  4. JimKE


    Don't know about your queue, but our MIA queue is totally fraudulent.
    • It says 21-30 and there are 200 cars in the lot. (200 cars in queue is not unusual for us when the queue is legit. I have seen it at 310, back when it was legit.).
    • Queue is moving less than 1 per minute. Previously SLOW movement was 2 per minute, normal was 4-5 per minute, and fast was 8-10 per minute.
    • Uber changed from exact number to ranges (21-30) several months ago. My guess is that it was changed to conceal the actual movement of the queue.
    • When the queue gets to 21-30, expect a ping. It will be a Poop ping 100% of the time.
      • You can accept it and collect the cancellation fee (almost 100% of the time, because they are NEVER there!), but it's not worth the gas to drive to the terminal
    • Lyft queue is double to triple the Uber queue. Previously, Lyft queue had been 50%-60% of the legit Uber queue.

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