Queue at RDU!!?


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Queue showed 12 after dropping off at RDU yesterday around 4:35 p.m. Headed to staging area. Saw group of people here and there. Over 30 cars with both lyft and uber logos. I was like now I see why RDU don t surge anymore. Queue shows just few cars to get more drivers in. 45 mns waiting +10 from leaving the lot to statrting trip + 45 mns round-trip= 100 mns for $10.00. You guys r awesome.


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Sort of related:

Around 1:30pm today, Uber was 30+ deep and Lyft was over 50 when I arrived from an inbound drop off at T2.

I waited ... maybe 30 minutes, and it dropped to 46. I didn't bother turning Uber back on.

So get this.

Out of the blue, I got bumped to the head of the queue 5 minutes later.

I was pinged out ahead of 45 other drivers for a pickup at T2 for no explicable reason.

Perhaps there's an underlying problem?

Both apps updated this week on the driver and rider sides (again).

When we agree to share our location with certain apps, that info is also shared with other apps ... and not always with full disclosure.

No one reads EULAs, I assure you.

The only explanation I have for this random bump (as a tech grrrl) is that *maybe* I was the one out of 45 who wasn't running both apps/platforms.

Still, that doesn't fully explain the re/prioritization.

But I agree: running both/doubling up to trawl the airport queue just kills it for everyone.


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I think RDU is just a waste. Here s my thursday s earning from 1 p.m to 6:30 p.m. Plus $10.00 cash tip including the time I wasted in staging area. Am I gonna make this at RDU!!?


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Likely not. I've found that it's more profitable to think from the other side of the apps (i.e. from the "demand" side of this equation) and position myself accordingly ... and to be equally strategic about which app to use (and when/where).

The longest trip I ever had out of RDU was to Columbia, SC at ~3 hours from the now-rescheduled 6am Seattle flight due to standby/cancellation problems encountered by the pax that prevented her from flying into CLT.

She was supposed to be my "last out" after driving all night.

Getting stuck in SC on my own dime until I hit the NC border before driving again in-app (Uber) was a fun side effect.

I made $170 including tip for 3 hours worth of work ... minus gas, minus the mileage/wear and tear/travel time spent "sucking it up" and checking out the queue at CLT, running a few rides from the airport and downtown, then driving back home without any pickups along the way to Raleigh about 12 hours later.

I made ... maybe $20 in Charlotte in 2 hours, not counting the "cost" of my aggravation about being in Charlotte in general, as well as the fact that I was stung by a fire ant while standing and stretching for a moment in their sad and overly-regulated excuse for a holding queue lot.

Sorry, y'all, but I really have no love for that town.

When I got home, I crashed in bed for 16 hours of sleep and lost a solid Saturday night shift.

Net profit for the "long ride"? After gas, time, mileage, and food -- not even factoring in lost potential rides on home turf -- I may be generous in my accounting if I claim to have pocketed $85.

And I drive a 4-cylinder manual. We sip gas.

But seriously ... waiting (or hanging out) for an hour to get a ride from T2 to Brier Creek Aloft or even downtown Durham on a weeknight isn't worth the cost/benefit anymore (if it ever was). Live and learn. The noobs can have those rides.

I'll miss some of the social interaction with the usual suspects and their shenanigans, but sitting in queue isn't making $.

Waiting at RDU is like playing the lottery. And I don't gamble .

However, if I end up there, it occasionally makes sense to hop in the lot and wait. Most times ("nowadays"), it doesn't.

I'll just keep trawling the outer and inner corners and niches of the Triangle where a significant portion of the population cannot (or does not) drive ... and keep the car moving and pax'd as maximally as possibly.

Some of these patterns are predictably profitable, but it does take some time and effort to learn what works *for you*