Quests a misstep.


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100% agreement. Only incentive is to turn on the LYFT Driver App.
The 30-trip Quest this week is for a measly $20...for Diamond, no less. That's not enough to offset doing Lyft instead. I haven't done all the math, but let's assume you do 100 miles/day and put aside the difference in rate for time. 10 cents/mile more means you'd get $10 more in one day...$40 more in 4 days doing Lyft. It's pretty obvious what the better option is if the Quests are garbage like they are this M-Th. So long as you are willing to bite the bullet and just do Lyft.


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I wouldn't be incentivized to pick up lots of short trips when I am getting 50 cents quest bonus per ride. It is yet another example of the idiots at Uber not understanding how to motivate drivers.
Uber has no interest in motivating drivers. They want a churn rate of 96% because it keeps ants chugging out crap rides for zero profit.


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What your telling me you don't like 50 rides for 20$????? iv switched my route to pure ewr when there's at least a 2x when theres not i sit in the lot and study for class, or watch netflix.

Lmk who rides ewr lets have party in that lot lol
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