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So what rates are charged in Fla? NY/NJ was $1.25 I think.

Is there even a hint of dropping the starting fare? Uber frustrates the heck out of me, I'm sure many folks say the same but I can not deal with a drop. When was the last time they drop their base rate?

Does it ever surge? lol

It's not looking so great in SWFL. I am sitting on the fence for now with the licensing stuff. I don't see enough money being made to justify but these new laws are real crazy. If I pick up a pax that wants to go to Naples, that's a problem with tickets??


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1. Rate in south west flaridar is $1.20. @@@@@@ed low starting fare of $1.25

2. Demand sucks ball sweat right now. Especially for a company that continues to just blindly add new drivers.

3. There are no new "laws" here. Just the same ones all the other vfh have been having to follow for decades.