Questions about uber with Tablet


Alright so I had decided I wanted to start using a tablet to do my Uber driving with. I have some brandx Tablet someone gave me at somepoint as a gift. It gets online so i just basicaly use it for that. It wouldn't run many aps at all really, so i just bought and received a Samsung Galaxy Tab a few days ago. I got it used on Amazon so was dirt cheap and shipping was free so sounded good to me. Plus it had GPS and I had been told that was the one thing I had to make sure any tablet had if I wanted it for Uber. So I just aSSumed id use my phone as a Hotspot to supply a WiFi connection and presto I would be good to go.... I guess I was wrong? First off it took me for ever to even be able to get google play on it itself.. Now that I have that installed finally it wont let me install Uber Partner. I asked a couple people I new personally before I bought it and of course they told me it would in fact work. But when I find it in google play on the template there is no download/install button, It sust says "Your device is not compatible with this version"
So yes I know the obvious answer here is it probably wont work on this Tablet. I just wanted to check with the experts that are actually out there doing the Uber thing everyday and make sure im not missing out on some work around or anything? I posted and picture I took of the tablet when I tried to download.

Thanks Guys and Gals!

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