Questions about "advice" in Uber "Weekly Summary"


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Examine the text in the picture. I have received this advice twice now in the ten months I have driven for Uber.

It bums me out because I would like to correct whatever the driving problem is, but can't figure what it could be with such vague advice.

Also, my teenage son works at my sister's restaraunt here in SF. When people engage with me to chat, that comes up sometimes, other than that, I cannot imagine why anyone would suggest I am "promoting businesses"...or maybe is it the fact that I say that I think ride share is awesome, and my daughter who is legally blind in one eye, has all the ride share apps and uses them frequently? I just don't know how to take these bits of Uber advice.



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Heat it @350F for 15min, and eat it with a glass of cold milk.

Then hit a delete button on that email and go take a nap.


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Those are pre-packaged scripts; you can't know what the pax was actually thinking when they choose that ding option.

If Uberlyft can't bother to drill down further, then neither should you.

P.S. I haven't opened one of those weekly emails in over six months. They are, as you are seeing, worthless.


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Well I'm not going to be of any actual value, just like every other post I've made on this forum... but I have to ask:


:smiles: *in awe* :smiles: