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Questioning the Accuracy/Legitimacy of Surge...


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Here's why:
This was a screenshot I took of an EWR Surge a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm really not so concerned about the fact that the Northern side of the airport is at 1.6x and the southern part is at 1.4. It's plausible to me that one of the terminals is more busy than one of the others.
What makes me scratch my head is that there is a Surge discrepancy ON THE RUNWAY!

How in the hell could the ride demand on the Northern part of the EWR runway be different than the Southern part of the runway? Or how the hell there could be Surge on the runway at all?
I see Surge maps all the time and they always seem avoid things like lakes, rivers, bays, parks, etc.

This is fishy as hell to me. I mean, I (and I'm sure most of you) wouldn't put it past Uber to manipulate Surge (or anything for that matter). I just found this very peculiar.

People call ubers from the plane. I've sat next to several people on recent flights who whipped out their phones when the wheels came down.

Or uber is just screwing with you.