Question on the MAP Program In the Driver App


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I wanted to ask about the situation on the Partner App and the MAPS Powering it. I had read over and over that the UBER Map portion of the Partner App basically was the pits and always select Google Maps. But I remeber reading somewhere recently that now the Partner App is powered by Google Maps and was now not a problem.

So what does everyone do? Stay on the UBER App now or still select the Google Maps option?
And if anyone hasnt read, now I see that very soon, if not already, UBER has struck a deal with TomTom (Famous for software for Mobile, Standalone and Portable GPS units) and they will be the data behind the UBER Mapping program within the Partner App. They had been in negotiation with NOKIA to use their map data but that fell through.

Any thoughts, advice or info is appreciated. I have been using the UBER App Maps and to be honest last night it screwed me a few times. So I want the latest and greatest, dont we all.

Bart McCoy

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I assume you have an iPhone? if so then I have no experience with MAPS powering it. I have Android and have been using Waze option in the drivers app for I guess a year now. however whenever TomTom is integrated, I will try that


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Yep, I have an iPHONE. I have below a screen shot below of my options. I normally had it on UBER running on the assumption that it was Google Maps. After the errors last night I am very doubtful that is the case, or Google Maps is not the incredi product some say. Also, here is another thread with some LYFT drivers on this forum supporting your WAZE opinion. So I think tonight we be WAZING!


Eric K

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It depends on personal preferences. I prefer to use Waze. Only problem with Waze it isn't the best when you get to a location telling you correct side of street sometimes.