Question on Rejecting UberPool


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So I've been driving for close to about three weeks and I've still been figuring out the system. I don't intend on breaking any rules but would like to know what my boundaries are and how to avoid crossing them when it comes to UberPool rides. Pardon me if I show some misunderstanding in the system.

A little bit about me, my dad and I share a rental car specifically for Uber and he drives the morning and afternoon shifts when the morning and evening incentives are. I take over at 8pm on weekdays only. Since my hours are from 8pm till midnight, there are barely any incentives that are worth pursuing other than the Friday night incentives.

My question is, would rejecting/ignoring UberPool be a wise option since it does not pay as well as UberX rides. Would there be any consequences from doing so other than the acceptance rate dropping? Would the acceptance rate impact my incoming trip requests? Would I be deactivated from Uber if it goes down to a certain amount?

The second question, would it be a good idea to accept an UberPool ride and ignore any second/third riders who wish to hop on? I understand that if there is only one UberPool rider, Uber takes a 10% commission fee and 30% if there are two or more UberPool riders on the same ride.

By experience, I had an UberPool passenger who was headed to NTU from River Valley on a 2.8x surge, a second UberPool request came in from River Valley to Stevens Road on a 2x surge. The second UberPool amounted to $2.94 and the first $29.12, after the 30% commission from Uber. Had I not picked up the second UberPool-er, I would have received $37 as the base fare on the first ride was $41.60.

Thanks for reading and for the help in advance!


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Even as a non Uber driver, I would also know that it is unwise to do what you are hoping to do. They already know in advance what are the potential loopholes and are just waiting to penalize anyone who tries to game the system for their personal benefit.


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After 8 do have incentives about $20 - $23 an hour so Pool will help you to accelerate TPH quicker than UberX could. Lol


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If you do not accept the 2nd rider, it will affect your AR. Then, a 3rd request might come in, and before you know, your AR will be totally scxxxed.

For unpaired UberPool ride, Uber and driver will equally share the 25% discount to rider. Once paired, Uber makes more money compared to the 2 riders taking individual UberX rides.