Question: (LA?OC) Uber Black Driver Requirements (License)


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Hey all,

I am going to work for a friend that is starting an Uber LUX Fleet. He is setting it up as though they are Uber Black so that once they start accepting new black cars he will be ready. Meaning he is getting the TCP, and has the commercial insurance.
My question: What type of license do I (the driver), need to have? Are there any other requirements of me?

Advanced question if you know: If I act as an independent contractor for him, will I need a TCP of my own or will the license suffice?


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Steve, thank's for the intel!
Your concerns are warranted for sure. He has spoken with several LUX drivers and still wants to move forward. I think he has some plans for how else to use the cars, but that's above my pay grade! No really sure what he's thinking. I know he already purchased a Tesla which I know will present it's own problems.
With regard to the TCP I have a few other questions if you wouldn't mind:
1. Is the TCP "P" permit the right classification?
2. In order to qualify for TCP, I've read that you must first acquire a TNC permit. Is that correct?
Thanks for the insight
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