Question from a new driver

Yesterday, I get to a location to pick up pax. I pull up, family is standing there with 4 pax plus a toddler and stroller. I refused the ride and explained to them that I cannot accept 5 people in my car because there are too many people and not enough seat belts for each person or a car seat for the child. I also said that they would need to request UXL to accomodate them. I am sure these people complained on me because I get an alert this morning that my rating took a hit. No, I was not rude while explaining. How do you handle this situation when it arises? also, Do I have the right to refuse a pax ( without repercussions) that has a child that clearly needs to be in a car seat ?


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Yes, do not yield one bit to those type of pax. I accommodated too many people when I first started out and I soon realized it was a stupid thing to do.

These people will never call XL because they're so used to doormat drivers who will yield to their whining. Don't add to their list.

Personally I refuse to move unless children are buckled up in my car.

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Unless you "start the trip", you don't get rated by the pax. Accepting and starting the trip are different things. Did you start the trip before you noticed 5 pax? Also, if you drive XL, you can submit request to Uber to change to XL after the trip is over if there were more than four pax.