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Question as a PAX and future driver

Discussion in 'Advice' started by djl, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. djl

    djl New Member

    San Antonio
    As a PAX, what are the chances of getting an Uber ride to the SA airport at 3:30AM on a weekday?

    As a future driver, about to retire soon and while making some extra money never hurts, I am more interested in staying active and maintaining contact with the world and people. No question here, but thought joining this forum and paying attention to the information posted here will better prepare me for making the decision if Uber will fill the bill. I am a young retiree, fit and will have a difficult time sitting around the house but not interested in an 8 to 5 gig; I could continue working and make more money if I wanted to do that.

    Perhaps there are some retirees on the forum that could share their post retirement/Uber experience? I would love hearing from them.
  2. MadePenniesToday

    MadePenniesToday Well-Known Member

    As a pax, yes. You should get a driver within 10-15 minutes if you're in the city.
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  3. melissa parrot

    melissa parrot Member

    Middletown, CT
    What is SA? San Antonio?

    I'm in CT and not retired (actually trying to get into my field after finishing school) but I signed up for Uber for the freedom and flexibility while I figure stuff out. You might want to check the forum for your specific geographical area. :)
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  4. MHR

    MHR Well-Known Member

    There's a FB group for Uber/Lyft SA. Our forum page here is quite silent.

    Yep, someone will get you to the airport at that time. Lots of drivers.
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  5. djl

    djl New Member

    San Antonio
    In San Antonio? I will check out the FB group you suggested. Still interested in hearing from any retirees on this forum that are Uber drivers.;)
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  6. negeorgia

    negeorgia Well-Known Member

    Athens, Ga.
    You will drive as much or as little as you want to. After about 20 trips you will know if like it. If you don't like it, you won't be motivated to do it. You will be shocked at the number of people that should know to tip for asking for favors, yet still don't. Uber is basically using driver's resources to under charge the rider's 70% of the time. That is why they are popular and busy. Know thy rates. Monitor earnings per hour, mile and trip. Some hours pay 0-7 per hour or less.
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  7. UberBastid

    UberBastid Well-Known Member

    I think I fit that category, but, I'm not sure if I can help you much.
    You see, every market is different. I am in a medium sized town in N Cali, rural in a lot of ways. There is no comparison between Redding and San Francisco, or Sacramento and for sure San Antonio.
    Some things are universal, but a lot are not.
    Even how the ap works, the rates, the policies of your Green Light Hub ... all different.
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  8. keb

    keb Well-Known Member

    Sunshine State
    Install the app and check periodically to see if drivers are available. Also, don't depend on whatever time the app says, because the person may have their app on and be in bed. So be sure to give yourself at least 30 min extra in case driver cancels and you have to request again.
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  9. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant Well-Known Member

    I would go with select or whatever the equivalent of that is in your city
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  10. NoDay

    NoDay Active Member

    Not retired, but I personally know a few retirees who do this in my area. Answering your post as best as I can from pre/post retiree perspectives.

    OP 1: Can a PAX get a ride to SA airport at 0330? Yes, if there is a driver in your area available, they will take you to the airport.
    - Bare in mind, drivers will likely have to ride empty back. tips are appreciated.
    OP 2: Staying in contact with people in the world. You definitely meet interesting people in this gig.
    OP 3: Fit the bill; Depends on what the bill is. If you don't care how much you make and want to just stay busy. Its an interesting hobby, meet lots of people, break parts on your car, youtube how to fix it. Repeat.
    OP 4: Hard time sitting around the house; When I do drive I often drive 2-4 hours no stops or stretches, as your own boss you decide. I am the only male in the house and use this gig to help with daycare and other bills on the side in addition to when i just want out of the house but don't want any argument from my wife.

    Can you make a profit? yes, not much but you can. A lot of trial and error comes into learning where your fishing holes are.
    In my area - before expenses, on weekend nights I average $20/hour from 1900 - 0300 shifts fri and sat only. any other night $10-15 is good.
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  11. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    Open a booth in the Flea Market

    Sell puppies .
    And cheap jewelry.
    You will have a more rewarding experience in Every way.
    Especially financially.
    Buy a camper.
    Travel to fairs, festivals , craft shows.
    Enjoy life.

    Turn your permanent vacation into a tax writeoff.

    Buy yourself a giant bouncy slide, a Honda generator , an extension cord and some vinyl patches.
    Charge $1.00a slide.
    Rent it out for birthday partys.

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  12. MHR

    MHR Well-Known Member

    The inflatable rental people kill it in my area. As do the flea market people. Truly, not being sarcastic. Just stay away from the street corner unlicenced Spurs merchandise.

    SA airport is easy and people love doing those rides. Just remember to tip.

    Why do you have to be picked up at 3:30 in the morning? Is your flight that early? Security doesn't take that long there in the a.m. When we fly from there I only get there an hour early.

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