Question about Uber Driver App Process


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I submitted all docs last week. I got to the "Congrats, All Done" page where they showed the video and would contact me when I was approved to drive.

I was nervous during the process that I had initially put in information for my Toyota Rav4 instead of my Ford Focus, so I contacted support.

They sent me back an email that said that my background check and had been approved and I needed to submit my vehicle info back in the Partners app. I then got an email 15 minutes later that said I had been denied due to background check.

I then chatted with an associate who apologized for the issue and said he'd defer to higher management. The "higher management" guy wrote an hour later and confirmed my background check (Checkr) had been denied and I needed to look at the email I received from Checkr as to why.

The thing is, I had never received an email from Checkr. Nothing at all. Checked my spam folder and everything. Went to the Checkr status page and they didn't even have a record when I inputted all my info.

After inquiring again with Uber support, they said, "Upon checking here with my supervisor, there may be a reason where the information generated on your background check might be incorrect. We can go ahead and initiate a background check rerun on your account so that we can have this one cleared out and have this one in order."

Weird, man. I'm 27 years old, no criminal history, no major ticket violations. Very stressful. It seems people have one of two experiences. Relatively smooth or completely terrible. Mine has been much of the latter so far.

My background check is now pending in Checkr. Based on stuff I've seen here, I imagine I'll see something a few months from now haha.

Any similar experiences or advice?


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Is there somewhere else I need to post this that may get more hits? Surely, I'm not the only one that had issues with this background check company. I've seen where people have had to wait 30+ days. Other than a few minor speeding tickets over the years, I've had nothing else on my record.


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I had to fill out 2 or 3 authorizations for background checks and it still took over 3 weeks. Just keep hounding support...