Question about round trip


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How do we as drivers deal with round trips? is the app supposed to inform us it's a round trip?
When a passenger orders an Uber ride on his app does he have some option for a round trip?
I had one today as his ass hit the seat I swiped the picked up screen then hit Navigation because it usually tells me where we are going? but this time it seemed to only show the pick up location. I took him to his location waited for him for a few minutes then took him home. Should I have had him request another Uber for his ride home?

Bobby Fields

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No, I don't think so, or I don't know that the app. has a mechanism for this; but it's way more common in my experience, that pax will ask you if you will wait for him at the store (the original destination that he/she has entered.) I usually say, ok, if it's 5 mins. or something like that. I had a semi-blind guy that I waited for 30 mins. at Food Lion while he shopped; it was a Sunday morning (SSSlow) and I had some compassion for the guy. You can always tell them they need to request another Uber when they're done, and if you're still in the area you'll probably get the return... that nets a little more $$ and certainly does for Uber. The app tracks you wherever you go on any ride, so it's not critical that you have the exact route/destinations; just drive there and back and you'll get full credit for the ride.

Tim In Cleveland

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You're welcome to wait with the meter running. If you don't want to, or the customer expects you to stop the meter and wait for free...agree and warn them that if you get another ping you'll have to leave. Then leave, lol.