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Question about Reported Issues in Rider Feedback


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Hello fellow Uber Drivers,

I'm relatively new to Uber as a driver and I have actually have two questions?

1.) I've emailed uber support with a couple of different questions but never got a response. I've checked my spam and verified my email address. Is uber support real? I've found most answers just by using google but I'm wondering if I had a real problem who do I contact?

2.) In the "Ratings" section of the app under "Rider Feedback" I received a reported issue titled "Professionalism" then swiping that link reveled a report labeled "Service". The report wasn't specific nor fully explained an incident or compliant but rather had generic obvious tips on providing better service.

My question is - is this an issue that one of my passengers who went out of their way to report an issue with my service? I'm puzzled because I have 10 5-star ratting trips out of 11 with a 4.9 overall rating. I've been doing this part time for a little over a week and being upfront and honest with all of you, I remember each one of my passengers and all were exceptionable and pleasurable experiences with all of them giving me an extra cash tip. I even state with all of them that a cash tip is not necessary but they insist. I offer water, my phone charger and preferred route. Is this just a generated uber tip I'm receiving or did someone report an issue?


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For now, your best bet to reach live Uber is black chat button (bottom right corner) at bonjour.uber.com

I would not expect all riders to feel comfortable with you mentioning tipping without them brining up the subject... I'd bet anything that led to the non 5* ride

Just my two cents...


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Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, I think you misunderstood my statement about tipping. I don't mention tipping to my riders. What I meant to say is that I politely refuse a tip when offered and mention that it's not necessary. I only accept a tip if my rider insists.


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Let me state this as fact, I seen something to the affect and I emailed Uber about it, and they said that they could not see the issue and wanted a screenshot, and sure enough, the next day the "reported issue" disappeared. There was no reported issue at all, it was just some kind of glitch in the app.

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