question about Lyft driver and no-EZpass


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my gf told me the other day she took Lyft and the driver did not have EZ-Pass, so instead they took a longer route to get to the destination.

She wasn't charged for the tolls obviously but I'm wondering if the route she had to take because of no EZ-Pass was more than it would have been w/ tolls (ez-pass)


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So~~~ typical

Cheapo ppl wanting limo service at hitchhiker rates

Your Lyft or Uber can have or not have whatever they please, and take or not take whatever they feel comfortable with

Its on you to spot the lack of EZpass and cancel if that's a dealbreaker for you. There's even a "driver coulf not accomodate me" cancel option specifically for when your driver cant/wont take the quantity of luggage you have, UberGrandma says she won't take freeways cuz they "scary", etc

You dont get to moan after the fact. You might SUCCEED at causing people trouble, but thats just low