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Question about business license


New Member
Hi guys, I'm a new driver here. I live in Santa Clara and I'm planning to drive part-time and I might be dropping-off and pick-up passengers in and outside of Santa Clara such as San Francisco and San Jose. I understand that I have to apply for a business license and I've been wondering how much will it cost and do I need to apply one for San Francisco and San Jose as well or just Santa Clara?


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We are only required to get a business license from the city of our residence, if it requires one.
e.g. I live in Cupertino which does not require a business license.
Did get one from San Jose for a couple of years, but when the State clarified the regulations, I did not bother to renew.
Don't take this at face value - do some further research.


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You do not need to have a business license because courts have deemed us employees; Uber/Lyft incorrectly classified us as independent contractors.
I even got my money back from sf city hall that i paid for business license. And you can too. Don't let the @@@@@es who work in front tell you you have to have one, ask for supervisor