Question about App - Rider Account


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Hi Everyone,
The last two days I have turned on my uber driver account and the eats boost icons are showing on the screen.
On my phone I have both the driver account and the ubereats account set up however I select them separately depending on what my day looks like.

This morning I had the rider account on. One of my first pings was an ubereats food delivery. Once again last night I received 3-4 back to deliveries. I cannot say why the system keeps sending food deliveries?

I have uninstalled the app from my samsung s8 and re-installed. After it was reinstalled I logged in again and the same issue. Is there anyone else that has experienced this? My plan is to go into the hub but was curious if there is anyone that has had the same issue.

Since I declined all the food deliveries my delivery acceptance is below 70% now....


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