Quest Streak - Captured from Loves on Airport Run


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Was at Love's, N Temple and Redwood in the airport queue. There was a quest for 3 streaks last night at 10pm. In the quest notes, says the ride must originate within the boxed area. The airport is outside that area, but that side of the airport pen/queue box is inside it. So I thought you couldn't start your streak from that spot. Yet, last night I did get an airport run, and it counted toward starting the streak.

Anyone else had this happen? It's good to know can start an Uber Consecutive promo at the airport as it can be a few extra $$.


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Didn't know that. But I haven't waited in the queue for quite a while. I do know that a ride to the airport as well as the rematch both count. I had one short ride downtown then another to the airport as well as a match. Counted all 3 for the bonus.