Quest In Philly This Week?


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Did anyone notice that this weeks Quest only runs through Friday at 4 AM?
I wasn't paying attention when I made my choice on Sunday.
Do you think they are going to release a weekend Quest?
What's going on here?
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Yeah no shit Vic
I usually pick the ez quest and $
I was curious though.....
Well, last year is when they first went from separate single week/weekend Quests to the single week-long choice of Quest tier. All they did was bring back the split Quests while keeping the choice.


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SO random..I gave up drove home to take dump. Forgot I had app on and it pings as I'm finishing 2 blocks away. Pool ride 11 surge, 6 per pick up. I take it....take my time getting back out to car. It's a 5 minute ride 1.5 miles ha! Instantly went offline, got a bottle of Beam on sale and I'm now watching the sixers beat the raptors 4vs5 while Been Summons plays hide and seek on the baseline.

Btw Uber received -10.50 on this one haha