Quest counter stuck


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anybody's quest counter stuck at zero? I know it lags sometimes but usually update at the end of the day. Mine is still at zero even though i did 19 trips yesterday


Mine is stuck at 6/20, even though I hit my twenty rides yesterday. Uber support - India division was all like, it should "update", give it time… but a day later, still hasn't.

Strange Fruit

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Mine was stucdk at zero, then it moved up. It happens. Have faith. Almost all Quests are honored in the end (I assume, cuz if they weren't you'd read about it here)


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Mine is stuck at 7, and I did 14 rides yesterday.
Anyone check with Greenlight about this issues yet?


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Same here stuck at Zero even I drove 10 already. I just went to the Uber office @ Daly City, they said it's the common issue now, told me to keep driving, the bonus will count, and they will fix it in two days or more. BTW, without bonus I won't drive!


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