Quest and Hertz Rental promos

Hey guys, I am a brand new Fort Collins & Denver driver. I decided to do this because my truck broke down. Plus, I am a night owl.

My first question is because I am renting through Hertz I have a quota I must hit in order for the car to be paid by uber. I am generally working between 9 pm to 3 am and trying to add more hours because I generally only get 50 rides a week. Which I need 98 to get the full amount. Which the rental is 214 and its weird because they don't count Monday rides idk. But then I see the quest in my week. Which changes. The first week literally looked exactly the same as the Hertz uber program.

This week it only shows I have to hit 70 rides to get 100. So are the quests different then the Hertz program?. Additionally it will say something like hit 43 rides and get 60 bucks. Then I will hit that and it says now hit 50 rides and get 139 extra. Is that 60 plus 139 or just 139?

So are the quests representing the Hertz rental program? If so why isn't saying the same thing? And then is it 60 plus 139 or just 139 for each quest I hit?

Also in order to do DIA do I have to get permission or can I just go to DIA?

Last any recommendations for a new driver in the area or in general?