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My Quest this week is 18 rides for $20. I've never seen it that low. Clearly that means I will skip driving this week. A friend has 25 rides for $105. Anyone know how this system works? It can't be random as he consistently gets higher Quest amounts.

Also, the Boost has been declining to laughable levels. 1.1x DC at night. There's rarely surging anymore. I think there's been a massive increase in new drivers in the past several months. Not sure how much longer it will be worth doing Uber part time anymore.


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Agreed. The morning rush hour is a high of 1.7X.

This was my Quest. GTFO



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You got the same trash I did! $20 is insulting. I'll wait to see if weekend Quest is decent but Uber needs to really change this system. And by the way this is further proof your rating is worthless. You'd think having above 4.9 would earn you decent promotions - it doesn't.

It's reverse incentives. The more you do the lower the incentive. Don't do anything and they come begging.

Bizarro world management.

This is the wheel Rohit spins to figure out incentives...



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20 for $18 as well.
Or 70 for $115

Last week (& before) was 28 for $90. I was elsewhere & didnt do it. Was lookjng forward to that this week.



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28 for 90. I'm sort of shocked uber is giving us Monday through Thursday to do this. Might bang all the rides out tomorrow and be done for the week


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I think Uber figured out where they can shove their 43trips for $70 quest because none of my 8 trips from yesterday have counted towards their driver manipulation program.

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The less you drive, the more you ignore pings, the bigger your quests.25 for 105 here.

Maybe I will get that nest week. I am not driving at all to-day, as I never work Terrible Tuesday any more. There are too many idiots on the road in normal conditions. Even during the last few weeks when everyone was gone there were more than enough idiots. Now, we have all the idiots driving in Super Whackoff Style, since they have been off the past couple of weeks. You can keep Terrible Tuesday.

30 for 75

I got thirty for seventy this weekend and made it. They gave me something really silly this week: something like thirty for forty eight or something like that. I just deleted the text and e-Mail as soon as I read it, as it is not worth it even to try. I am going to drive the cab mostly this week. I will see what I think that the weekend looks like before I decide if it is the black Fusion or the cab.


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The less you drive, the more you ignore pings, the bigger your quests.

25 for 105 here.
Rohit likes you
18 for $20 again this week
28 for $110 again. Still not biting. Quality > Quantity
I'm trying to determine why my friend gets consistently higher Quests. I messaged support for kicks and got this response:
"Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. I understand that you want to know more about why different partners may receive different incentives.

Incentive offers for each partner are influenced by many factors, including:

- How often you drive

- When you drive

- Where you drive

- How long you’ve been driving

- Our forecast of upcoming business conditions (high demand weeks will often have higher amounts)"

The only two factors that differentiate between my friend and I is that he drives during the day and sometimes at night while I drive exclusively at night. Also, he drives for Lyft, I don't. I suspect Uber is offering greater incentives to those who drive Lyft.
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