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Public called in to help Uber - change... petition

Thelma & Louise (T&L)

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A change. petition is asking the public to vote on how the ride-sharing service Uber should be regulated

A new national campaign has kicked off inviting the public to share its views on whether popular ride-sharing service Uber should be forced to adhere to the same state and federal regulations as taxi services.

The online campaign unleashed on change describes Uber as the "controversial ride-sharing app that's generating media headlines – with governments deciding whether to crack down on the service".

It then allows the public to cast a vote that either agrees that the company is "illegal", "undermines the taxi industry", is "unsafe" and is avoiding its tax obligations, and therefore needs to be reined in by governments.

Or on the other hand to "support Australia's right to choose Uber "because it's cheaper, provides competition for taxis and is reliable".

Change online petitions can be started by ordinary members of the public. Cairns taxis driver trainer Chris Balsom is listed as the person behind the stop Uber campaign.

Uber was contacted for comment but could not confirm before deadline whether it had anything to do with the support Uber campaign by Karl Melrose.



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You might want to edit this. It hasn't copied correctly from the article. It's meant to be Change.Org
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