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PT always seems to disappear as I get closer


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Even this AM, minimal traffic. Same shit. That's why I rarely try and chase.


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Turn off the drivers app shortcut...

This toggled on will continue to provide gps loc data to their servers, so even if your off line, they still know your moving toward the PT zone.


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Try to figure out when it will surge. Stay close but outside of the pink squares. Ignore first couple of pings.
Sometimes that works, but more often than not, if I ignore the first ping, the PT is gone...lol


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I posted on this before.

Use L yt's algorithms against it. What does Lyft love doing? Sending you pings ridiculous distance away, especially base rate pings when you're in a bright pink zone.

So don't go into the pink (GIGGITY!) but be outside the pink and you'll likely get PT pings.

I'v gotten numerous PT pings by being 5-10 minutes outside the PT.

William Fenton

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I never chase chase the pink or the PT zones. I have the areas that I like to drive in and if I happen to get a PT, great. My experience has been that when there is a PT n effect the ride requests stop. I was told, when I started, that chasing the pink was a waste of time as it does not garentee


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Yes I agree! I tired on yesterday evening as I was driving, and I am done if a ride in the pink zones pop up then it pops up.:rolleyes:


I gave up on those a long time ago. Just like everyone said, they just disappear. But you don't have to be in them to get the rate. Just get a ride from there.


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Best bet is to LEAVE APP OFF and aim to be in another [often] busy area that ISN'T surging/power zoning at the moment. You'll be available and in the thick of it once your area starts to surge and all the other ants are trolling around in the former surge area that is now white as a ghost and over populated with drivers who quickly killed the surge.

It's about being patient, thinking ahead, driving smarter, and realizing that all surges will pass - just like a deadly noxious fart that your entitled, evil pax kindy gifts you with right before exiting your vehicle.


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1. Never chase the pink
2. Know when it will Prime and be there first.
3. Be north of the target are where the pings are coming from
4. Be on a MAIN st.
5. most importantly, USE THE RIDER app. Hard to get pings when you are in a clump of ants.

Algorithm goes like this Proximity through route, Driver rating. The better your DR the more pings you will get and thus make more money


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Algorithm goes like this Proximity through route, Driver rating. The better your DR the more pings you will get and thus make more money
If ever there was a solid argument for going back to my days of 4.62*....