PSA: Uber Drivers Beware South Shore Long Island!


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Hello fellow drivers, just wanted to share the following story of what happened to me tonight. I'm a TLC driver, and I was dropping off passengers from LGA to Hewlett area. After dropping the passengers off, I proceed to drive home because I live very close to the area, and when I got to a stop sign, I could tell there was a car approaching. Once I saw the car stopping at the stop sign, I proceeded to make a right turn. I did notice that one of the headlights for the other car was burnt out and well it was a good old fashion Ford Crown Vic. I was like, yup that's a cop, undercover cop. As I kept driving I saw him getting closer and closer, and I needed to make the next left turn coming up. As I made the left turn, sure enough he followed me and half way down the block he pulled me over. Routine for us TLC drivers, we know to put all our windows down, turn on interior lights and shut of the vehicle, and I had my drivers license in my hand already. Turns out he wanted to know if Uber in the area, I told him I had just dropped off passengers coming from LGA, and I was basically going home. He wanted to know if I was going to continue driving in the area, I said I was calling it a night, again my close proximity to my house, no reason to go back to the city. He basically wanted to warn me that there is a guy they are trying to catch, a robber who is using Uber drivers/cars, to get around. The officer said it's in the news, and they want drivers to be careful and if they see something to call 911. We spend the next 5 to 7 mins chatting, not once did he bother to ask for my license, registration or insurance card. I told him I would spread the word on the forum. Below are the links to the details about the individual they are looking for. So if you get pulled over tonight by cops just beware they are trying to spread the word to be on the lookout for this person.

Attempted Robbery/Oceanside

Robbery/North Long Beach/Island Park

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That’s the best way for the cops to alert Uber drivers about a criminal trying to get around. Perhaps Uber should have a way for police to alert all drivers online in an area through the app.
that would mean that uber cares abt its drivers,,which will never happen