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Protestor disrupts Uber CEO interview on Stephen Colbert's Late Show


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I was hoping it was an actual Uber driver instead of someone from the Taxi world...

"Hey Travis, how come you won't let us get tips!"

"Hey Travis, why does Uber lie about driver earnings?"


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"Hey, why are the agreements so one-sided in Uber's favor?"

"Hey, why do Xdrivers in most US cities drive for $1.00 or less per mile?"

"Hey, why don't you allow a representative for your ICs in on approving Partner Agreements?"

"Hey, why doesn't Uber give drivers insurance that covers their medical and property damages?"

(next driver)

Michael - Cleveland

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got heckled during taping of 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

...Later, after Colbert did ask about "disruption" and potential negatives to Uber's business model, someone started yelling again and claimed that everything Kalanick was saying was a lie.

Because an emotional interview with US Vice President Joe Biden ran long, it's unclear if the interview with Kalanick will run tonight as scheduled.