Protest at the mayors office! August 5, 2019 at Noon

So this is what it is. If the new cap stands Uber drivers who are currently renting will be stuck as a renter for as long as you drive Uber. Let’s gather up rally and fight this! It’s clear as day that leasing/renting companies have a agenda to transition into a monopoly. The agenda is to keep us the drivers from ownership because they know we are their only competition. Theirs are over 120,000 Uber vehicles currently on the road adding to congestion, How much of these are owned by these lease/rental company’s opposes to how much are owned by “individual contractors”. They need drivers to drive the cars so they propose a cap to ban drivers from owning vehicles. While someone owns 600-1000 cars & we can’t even have 1? Seems unjust to me, You can’t truly be independent until we break free from the overbearing control of these leases company’s. Let’s protest at the Mayors office on August 5th at 12 in the afternoon, bring signs with monopoly symbols on them exposing these company’s of the predatory practices. Who’s with me? Uber drivers of NYC unite! Let me know who’s with it comment tell a friend let’s get 500+ . Let’s show em we mean business.