Protecting leather seats


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I have black leather seats and as you can imagine that color scuffs pretty badly. I'm still fairly new to Uber and am already seeing scuffs on the back of the front seats left by passengers scuttling in and out and their shoes scraping across the seats. What's a good way to protect your leather seats from getting scuffed up?


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Meguiar's has this cleaner/conditioner in a gel that I apply once a month. Ater a year and a half the leather has held up really well in my Chrysler 300

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I don't know what your technical proficiency level is but.....

You might try making carbon covers for the back of your seats.

sarah ava

Leather Cleaner is formulated specifically for resistant leather car seats. It effectively removes day to day soil from leather upholstery. Leather Cleaner will not dry out leather or change its properties. It is solvent-free.


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If you are uberxing then I recommend getting a seat cover for your back seat. After 15k miles of ubering, the right rear on my Honda accord looks ready to start tearing. Granted, the leatherette on the accord is prone to wearing easily.