PROS & CONS of Lyft in Richmond, VA from a Female Driver


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So I’ve decided to post this review because I often get tons of questions from passengers and realized, during my own research, that there isn’t too much advice out there on the Richmond market.

A little about myself...I’m a female in my early 20’s and drive for Lyft maybe 2-3 nights/week. I typically do Thu-Sat. Being a female, I was a little scepticle to drive on weekend nights so i started off by doing Thursday nights-from 7pm-12am and then gradually started doing Fridays and Saturdays until 1am or 2am. In my 4 months of doing this, I’ve never had any major issues. Of course, I’ve had guys ask for my number/make the typical “you’re beautiful...blah blah blah” comments. I keep it friendly and professional and politely tell them I’m married with kids and they usually back off. Like I said, I’ve never had any issues with a passenger. I like to avoid drunks by not driving past 12am anyways. The majority of crowds on these nights are either heading to the bar or coming back from dinner with family members or friends. I’ve also noticed that the majority of my passengers during these hours are actually other females and I’ve heard so many times how much they appreciate having a female driver during these hours because often times they’re getting dropped off at their homes. I’ve heard stories from girls who say they’ll get the male drivers to drop them off down the street from their house to avoid any creeps coming back and trying anything. Overall, I would recommend this as a part-time gig for women.

- Flexible schedule. I typically drive on weekend nights when I have nothing to do.
- You meet a lot of great people.
- On good weekends you can average out to $20-$25/hour, which is great for a part-time gig.
- I drive a 2016 Honda Civic, which is great on gas so the actual car expenses aren’t much since I do this PT.

- The market is overly saturated so every weekend is not always a good weekend. If I’m not making at least $15/hour after driving for a couple of hours, I’ll usually head home because it just isn’t worth it to me.
- Rides with Stops are THE ABSOLUTE WORST! You literally make less than minimum wage when someone wants to go through the drive-thru on a $3 ride. Still learning to handle these rides so any advice would be appreciated.
- The uncertainty is unattractive for sure. Just because you make $25 the first hour doesn’t mean you’ll make the same the next hour. I’ve had passengers tip $3-5 all throughout the first hour then literally make nothing in tips the next hour.
- The sense of entitlement from some passengers, I noticed it more from women that live in low-income areas like Mosby, Highland Park, JD areas. For example, I drive in and around VCU and of course college students are going to smell like pot. Its just one of the things you deal with in the rideshare industry. I had an older lady going to Mosby Ct. report me to Lyft because she smelled marijuana in my car after I immediately apologized to her when she entered my car about the smell. I explained that I drive college students and I always spray something to rid the smell but that doesnt always work so i apologize in advance. Most of the time people laugh because they honestly just don’t care. It’s my car and they just care about getting to their destination. People like this, unfortunately, make for a crappy driving experience.

Overall, Lyft is a great PT gig but thats it. I wouldn’t quit my FT job for this because the money just isn’t there in Richmond. FT driving could work in bigger cities but not RVA.

If anyone has questions or comments, please feel free to share. I hope this has helped a few people considering driving.

Virginia is for lovers

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I managed about $80 from 1:30 to 8pm.

People leave in droves for the holidays, it seems. Or they just stay put. Campuses are also deserted.

On the bright side, no traffic... 😂
My best trip was when a lady, after I dropped her home, realized she forgot her bag at the restaurant, so we went back. 6 mile trip became 18 miles 😂