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Proof we are getting pants pulled down

Discussion in 'Stories' started by jgiun1, Dec 6, 2018 at 3:56 AM.

  1. UberBastid


    Knowing that ... what is your plan?
    Are you moving to the life boats yet?
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  2. Seamus


    New York
    Nah, Luckily this is second income for me that greatly helps pay for tuition while I still have 2 in College. I could go back to delivering Chinese food for cash or go back to having fun weekends (and resting weeknights) and tell my 2 in college they will have to take loans out for their senior year!!! Not the end of times at all.

    Really feel bad for those trying to do this as their primary income. To state the obvious its going to continue getting harder to make any real money at this!
  3. jgiun1


    The only thing I didn't get is the whole surge thing is unattractive now. It's supposed to snow tonight and can't imagine climbing hills and slippery roads waiting for dollar bills icons showing up and getting paid 24 cents a minute.

    Come on, we've all been bit by the big surge adreline rush of a x2 -3 and rare x4

    Dude, when I was sitting in town and armed with a $1.25 on next ride, I have to admit, I was totally deflated with driving anymore.
  4. UberBastid


    Yup. Agree.
    I haven't driven in six months now.
    I will prolly not go back to it -- at least I hope I don't ever have to again.

    I like coming here, for such a crappy job there sure is a lot of great people trying to do it.
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  5. I'm not that great
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  6. UberBastid


    Yea, I know ... there is exceptions for every rule.
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  7. Nats121


    Arlington VA
    You should be mad at them continually lying to the drivers and insulting their intelligence.
  8. kdyrpr


    I've always been against Government getting involved in private business. I will make an exception here. NYC now has a minimum wage requirement and UBER seems to be playing along. They don't want to seem like the cheap scumbag company that they really are. They are simply passing along any losses in NYC by reducing rates and jacking up fares in the rest of the country.

    Would love to see the entire country pushing back for minimum wage on rideshare. Simply to reek havoc with their business model.
  9. RaleighUber


    Raleigh, NC
    The ONLY way you avoid uber/lyft screwing you is to not to partner with them. They COUNT on desperation from drivers. Smart drivers make the smart decision and choose another gig. Never regretted getting out. The only way to hurt Uber is if the only people who will drive for them are they kind of drivers that create horrible service...so Uber/Lyft's reputation gets trashed.
  10. #professoruber


    Lot A @ DFW
    I agree Uber preying on less fortunate people that depend on this money however my numbers have been consistent year over year. I have never gauged my profitability measuring per hour earnings and only look at my $ per mile. I have never depended on this income as it has always been residual income to fast track my retirement. I have always given the bare minimum to my riders, which is a safe and clean ride to point a to b. Riders can borrow my charging cable and they can access my spotify if music is requested. Other than that, I will throw in a good conversation. I operate no differently on XL or Select.

    I see two things drivers can do:

    1. Utilize the arbitration agreement. 12K drivers did this and since Uber was dumb enough to put it in the contract that they will pay for the arbritation, they are on the hook for millions of dollars that they have not paid. This is gaining legs as we speak and Uber is in the hotseat.

    2. Let all rides cycle through for the longest time possible. DO NOT USE the no thanks. Uber and Lyft implemented this to increase the efficiencies of their system that is already on the cusp of not being able to keep up. Think rides not posting. They changed the apps so it's harder for us to check trips. The longer a ride is sitting in the interwebs waiting to be accepted will cripple their system as it thrives off of each step of a ride processing in milliseconds. When a ride is sitting there for 10 seconds and multiple that by multiple rides being requested on the platform, I believe their surge algorithms will go haywire.

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