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Proof we are getting pants pulled down

Discussion in 'Stories' started by jgiun1, Dec 6, 2018 at 3:56 AM.

  1. jgiun1


    I was bored.....I do this once and awhile, but really wanted to do a new surge test last night.

    Test ride (always do the same location)
    This ride is normally $10.75 - $11.20 to pax...now seems to be in the low $12 dollar range since new fares charge to PAX.

    It's 4.3 miles and 8-12 minutes (non traffic middle of the night 8 minutes) so roughly $6 dollars driver take with new per minute and mile rates.

    So here's last night mini test....

    Sitting in town ...no surge on my end but rates jump to $19.00 for pax when I randomly checked pax app and did my same destination I always type (4.3 miles)...I went back to driver app and it gave a $1.50 flat fare surge price. I was locked into a +1.25 from a previous ride

    .Other pic's
    at 1:52 am rates change to 3.50 flat surge, but price to pax goes up to almost $25. So I would made the $6 time and miles +$3.50, but pax price up to $25.

    I'm going to be completely honest and say I've done this probably 100 times out of the 3,000 rides and I NEVER caught anything bad under the the old surge..... This new stuff is littlerly robbing us BIG!!!!

    While we take all the risks at night and rush hours....OMG, can't imagine the money they are taking in the US....like 25%~50% of our surge money.

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  2. I've yet to drive under this new surge

    So when you say locked in from previous ride, does mean if you take a Lyft ride then you lose that?
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  3. jgiun1



    Last night I tested that also....as long as you're not logged off by not accepting or go offline, it will stick there.

    It's like a sticky note....if you drive through a surge area, that will stick with you until you're next trip, no matter where. I kept the price of $1.25 until I didn't accept the 5th ride, like normal, logged me off, but lost the scam surge price.

    If you do a random test like that over a five minute surge and calculate the prices and earnings from both driver and rider app, you'll throw up Noe...It's a scam to rob us blind taking the Xtra money away from time and miles surged.

    This was my first one....took four drunk people home to three different places and note the time, not the miles......11 bucks surge price without the tip for 20+ minutes of driving.

    I'm jumping off the boat soon!!!! It's over!!!

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  4. wow.

    So pax is paying the surge price regardless.

    The driver may or may not get a little piece of that.

    We already new they were charging the pax a higher surge than they were giving us.
    But this is to a whole new level.
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  5. jgiun1



    yea I did a small five minute test and got pax prices the minute the surge popped up from exactly the surge point.

    I mean now it's quite simply done....65 cents a mile, 24 cents a minute and whatever sticky surge number pops up....it's sickening

    Both my rides were $25 and $19 quoted to me as pax, and 6 dollar time and miles plus $1.50 on first ride or almost 10 bucks earned on the 25 dollar surge price to pax.
  6. #professoruber


    Lot A @ DFW
    It’s so bad my ass hurts thinking about it. Uber has officially bent us over, added some sand, and said hell with the lube.

    I haven’t driven and am still trying to figure out my strategy.
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  7. jgiun1



    As long as you're strategy doesn't include new surge.. You GOOD!!!!

    Just imagine the rake Uber pulling out on NYE

    This is Uber's version of USA checkmate
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  8. [​IMG]

    Some of that sand got in the eyes.

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  9. Seamus


    New York
    We are still under the old surge however it rarely surges anymore. Ants ants ants everywhere! Over-saturation of drivers has already killed the surge in our market.
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  10. Kinda makes you wish for the new surge, doesn't it

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  11. Depressing. I'm not long for this either. Even though I don't have to make a lot of money, the principle and ethics of this gig just smell...bad.

    Thanks Dara...p***k
  12. Base fare for all. Merry Christmas!
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  13. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    I'm a sad panda.

    It's not the money. I'm ok with that. Yea, yea.

    Just constantly feel dumb for doing this.
  14. chitownXdriver


    To all the drivers in cities that just got or will soon be getting the new surge, learn the term go karting, it becomes your friend.
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  15. That’s it, exactly. My wife and fam thought it was kinda cute and intriguing at first, but now, they are starting to question why.
  16. MoreTips


    I'll bite. Go Karting?
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  17. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    I would start offering cash rides to people...have a paypal and venmo account set up. Only a really dumb pax would pay Uber $25 when they could just pay you $15 cash and a $5 cancellation fee.

    Ive got a sweet deal with a college student that I had picked up 3x....always XL going from UB North (#17 in College Basketball AP...Go Bulls) to downtown, usually paying $35-40 per ride. For $50, I will pick them up and drop them off every Friday. Saves them money and more in my pocket. She gives me a 30 min7tes heads up each way and really never needs a ride during a heavy surge time.

    Win Win.
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  18. jgiun1


    Lol....I also use Uber/Lyft (based on promotions for pax) to pay for my wife to get to work......The same ride she takes was $10 and some change and usually worse case, about $11. (Whole year of 2018)

    Now even if 8 drivers are near us, like normal, it's $12 to $13 daily since the launch of new wages. The funny part is, Uber trying to take pax money upfront to save 5% while rates are up 20% and more... They are Evil

    My Opinion, they are setting the table for a later down the road, lower cost, upfront money subscription program. They already have many markets down so low in miles...it's almost down to the IRS deduction numbers. In the future they only have to really nickle and dime the time paid per minute for driver's on trips to lower rates for pax easily. Pretty soon, .65 cents a mile will feel normal.

    I can already see the email now in spring ....Uber will decreasing minute rates by 10%

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  19. Dan2miletripguy


    Arlington, TX
    As recently as 6 months ago rideshare was a viable fulltime gig for me as a stay at home dad with a high earning wife and a nasty tax bracket.
    It is now over. It was a cool way to make some cash while it lasted. I am not mad at U/L for doing everything in their power to make money. I know that companies are not interested in giving employees one cent more than it takes to keep them coming in. It is a bummer, tho.

    Oh wait...we are not even employees.
  20. Seamus


    New York
    You can see the future path starting to develop. I think they believe the path to future profitability is to totally disconnect what drivers get from what riders pay. That way they can totally shift their model from standard rates (semi) and shift to charge each ride what the AI thinks the market will carry, greatly increasing their margin while simultaneously decreasing driver pay.

    Looks like a gradual decline in mileage pay until everyone gets the IRS standard deduction. The shift will be to an emphasis that pays you for your time and reimburses you for your mileage.

    Predict time per minute goes to .25 to .35 per minute. That way they can say you make approx 15 to 20 $/hr. and claim this is what you wanted. Obvious problem is the time and miles it takes to get to your next call (and wait time) will significantly reduce that. Only the most desperate, dumbest or unemployable ants will stick around for that and the quality of the rides will greatly suffer.

    I very much sincerly hope I am wrong. They are killing the gig and I need another 2 years out of it.
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